feather bell medicine wands

Approximately 10-14", sizes vary / $25-$30

Artistry and spiritual tools merge into one, be it a unique gift to express one's healing journey or used in ceremony. Red is used in each piece invoking healing and the power of the present. These sweet bells and sari silks are from my travels to India. When you invite the bell to sound you become aware of the present moment and naturally deep breathe. Beads are from my travels to Peru, supporting handicrafts from traditional artisans. Divinely gifted feathers are from migratory geese which symbolize infinity and who's naturally fallen feathers aid in communication, fertility, and imagination. Each piece is meditation upon and blessed. Email info@bloominglifeyoga.com to express interest and we'll reserve and ship your piece to you. Additional cost for shipment: $7. (Updated 7/8) 




Moon was created on the last Blue Moon rising in 2018The feminine, Yin, cooling moon energy stirs life into form. She rules our planet's oceans and the inner oceans of our blood and tears. We hear the moon through our breath. She is Diana. Thoth. Ma. Buffalo Woman. Chandra. Guanyin. Metzil. Osiris. Kali. Tsukuyomi-no-Mikoto. Tecciztecatl. Baba Yaga. Shakti. Mary Magdalene. Yarikh. Iah. Khonsu. Wadd. Igaluk. Abaanigui. Kidili. Ida. Nika. The moon is in a great cosmic dance with Earth. She has shaped how we walk on the planet and our emotions are teased by her pull. Moon is created by beloved objects found by Lily upon her travels around the world. Ethically-sourced, environmentally-friendly recycled silk and hand-spun wool merges with bells from Rishikesh, India - the City of Sages. A small traditional dream catcher is from Madrid, New Mexico, created by a local First Nations artist. A Tasbih, Islamic prayer beads, was purchased in front of the Temple of Luxor in Egypt where a Full Moon Meditation was enjoyed in the heart of the temple walls. These precious objects are floating below an abstract geometric sphere holding Lily's signature crystal prisms. Place Moon near bright, natural light to allow her magnificent rainbows to paint and bless your room. Moon is infused with prayers of peace and ease, allowing you to want to take a big breathe, rooting and finding stillness and expansion in the present moment. Additional cost for shipment: $40.



Wind & Wings was created upon returning home from a pilgrimage to PeruWhile traveling throughout this radiant land, flocks of magnificent birds in all colors followed us from the shores of Paracas to the heights of Machu Picchu. Wind was an important part of our daily ceremonies as we welcomed in the sunrise and sunset, in awe of the radiant colors of Peru as birds relished the moment with us through their song. Wind & Wings is created from responsibly-sourced Darn Good Yarn, Indian charm bells, our signature sun prism, and precious cut strips of Japanese fabric from Lily's beloved grandmother. The piece has taken on its own joyful personality as it was completed in the spirit of chanting protective mantras and the simple play with color to honor the majesty of Peru. Wind & Wings will add life to any corner space and looks magnificent in sun-lit rooms. Additional cost for shipment: $40.


MODERN-DAY DREAM CATCHER / 12" x 5' / $250

Sunrise is alive and radiantly glows in the sunlight, harkening to the hues of the ambrosia sky where dawn awakes the world and the veil of Heaven is transparent. Two poems are held within ribbons, yarn, and precious Japanese print strands from Nika, Lily's beloved grandmother. For two years, two poems have been on Lily's home altar and now are infused in Sunrise. "Nobody has ever measured, not even poets, how much the heart can hold." Zelda Fitzgerald / "Life always gives us exactly the teacher we need at every moment. This includes every mosquito, every misfortune, every red light, ever traffic jam, every obnoxious supervisor (or employee), every illness, ever loss, every moment of joy or depression, every addiction, every piece of garbage, every breath. Every moment is the Guru." Joko Beck / Precious shells found during Lily's childhood beach adventures and Canadian Goose feathers found on meditative dog walks with Shanti grace the natural beauty of Sunrise. Lily's signature crystal prism is at the eye of the abstract sacred geometry head. Sunrise was created in pure joy and it's essence will protect your space and root you to the Ambrosia Hour within your eternal heart. Additional cost for shipment: $40.

Mandala PRayeR

MODERN-DAY Prayer Stick / 4.5' x 4.5'(roughly) / $1500

Mandala Prayer embodies the Muladhara, the root chakra. A mandala is a geometric figure representing the Universe and is a symbol of the quest for completeness and self-unity. Muladhara is the foundational chakra symbolizing interconnection and being fully equipped with all I need. This is a two-piece structure, being a wooded grey manala from India with an overlay of a colorful modern-day, oversized prayer stick. Prayers for abundance and vitality are literally wrapped on paper around an oak branch, which is then wrapped with yarn and found objects. This piece is very special to co-creators Lily and her husband Michael. Collected shells, symbolizing a perfect moment in time, were collected from their multiple trips teaching yoga in Costa Rica. These shells are strung with Lily's signature red thread, found, blessed, and inspired from the Hummingbird Temple, an obscure holy site in Peru. A bodhi seed mala is at the crown of Mandala Prayer, being dipped in the holy waters of the Ganges River in India by Lily. Canadian goose feathers, found on meditation walks, symbolize interconnection and loyalty, harkening to the essence of Muladhara. This piece is alive, fluid, and blessed, and projects joy and non-dominating power in the room in which is boldly defines. Shipment is not available due to the odd size and fragility of the wrapped tree branch.


MODERN-DAY DREAM CATCHER / 10" x 6.1' / $350

Central Channel symbolizes the activation of the chakra system. Chakras are compressed energy bodies within the koshas. The koshas are comprised of the physical body, etheric body, emotional body, mental body, and the spiritual body. The Central Channel Breath realigns pranic flow, expanding light and fluidity throughout the koshas. When vibrational frequency is increased, space is easier to generate. This high frequency energy infuses the denseness of darkness and creates space within all of the bodies, raising creativity, healing wounds, and allowing the soulful Self to be expressed with clarity. Central Channel is created from recycled sari silk. It's midline creamy stream of silk represents 8-12 chakras, as its colors represent 1-7 chakras. Central Channel holds a crystal prism within the heart of her abstract, geometric sphere. A simple tan string from a sacred Peruvian Pachamama ritual hold a feather from Lily's mother's hen, Little Bit, as well as a hawk feather found during a river dog walk. Central Channel's overall beauty and details are enhanced when placed near - not directly in - natural light, to preserve the color of the sari silk. Sun-drenched art is also very beautiful, so make Central Channel at home with what feels right. Central Channel is infused with clear intentions of your protection, healing, creativity, and expanded Vision. Additional cost for shipment: $50



Modern-day dream catCher / 5.5' X 10" base / $250 

This golden modern-day dream catcher is hand created by Lily using sacred geometry and beloved found objects. Hand-strung holy Bethlehem olive wood beads; a white mala gifted to Lily during her 2017 pilgrimage to Rishikesh, India; sea shells found as a child near her grandparent’s Sayulita, Mexico home paired with shells and drift wood found during her 2018 return-visit; braided vintage silk sari ribbons; white feathered tips dipped in gold paint; sheer altar pouch holding two quotes, a candle, white altar silk, and one eucalyptus bija seed found at the obscure Hummingbird Temple in Peru; precious pieces of Lily’s grandmothers yarn; Lily’s signature red string symbolizing our inner ocean’s life source and our interconnection to Everything. Sand holds a crystal prism within its geometric heart and its overall beauty and details are enhanced when placed near bright natural light. Sand is infused with prayers and joy, offering protection of Sacred Space; holding celebration of our innate connection to nature. Additional cost for shipment: $40.



Modern-day dream catCher / 5.5' X 6" base / $300

This blue and copper modern-day dream catcher is hand created by Lily using sacred geometry and beloved found objects. Sea shells found as a child near her grandparent's Sayulita, Mexico home; braided vintage silk sari ribbons; sliced blue batik ribbon and iridescent ribbon symbolizing the connection of Pachamama and star dust; white sheer altar pouch holding two quotes, a bundle of incense and holder, a bluejay feather, and a eucalyptus bija seed found at the obscure Hummingbird Temple in Peru; precious pieces of Lily’s grandmothers yarn; Redwood pinecones from the Monterey, CA Moon Tree that orbited the moon in the 1971's Apollo 14 mission; Lil Bit’s beautiful feathers (Lily’s mother’s beloved free-range chicken); goose feathers found on dog walks; one of Lily's favorite paint brushe; black Costa Rican lava mala, the extreme Yang to a comet’s extreme Yin; Lily’s signature red string symbolizing our inner ocean’s life source and our interconnection to Everything. Comet holds a crystal prism within its geometric heart and its overall beauty and details are enhanced when placed near bright natural light. Comet is infused with prayers for you to abide with ease in pure clarity, standing firm with Grace, always re-membering the truth of your Magnificence. Additional cost for shipment: $35.



mixed media / 2.5' x 4' / $5200
archival fine art pigment print upon request

In the yogic culture, Shiva is not known as a god, but as the Adiyogi or the first yogi – the originator of yoga.The Adiyogi brought this possibility that a human being need not be contained in the defined limitations of our species. There is a way to be contained in physicality but not to belong to it. There is a way to inhabit the body but never become the body. There is a way to use your mind in the highest possible way but still never know the miseries of the mind. Whatever dimension of existence you are in right now, you can go beyond that – there is another way to live." ~Sadhguru 



2' x 4' / acrylic & organics / $8000

Human history is fraught with evils inflicted upon “others”. As I painted, I felt an outpouring of emotion to symbolically heal past crimes that People, animals, land, and the richness of traditions endured.  All beings are connected.  The greatest illusion of our world is the misunderstanding that we are separate from another. There is no duality.

Without question, this piece has touched my soul and has a part of me forever within it.  I was amazed how this Native American man needed to be painted. I laid my painted hands all over the piece in a gesture to evoke healing.



3' x 4' / acrylic & oil / $7500

This piece is defined by emotional fluidity – it's defined by the second chakra, water, sexuality, fertility, creativity. Gold explodes from the Earth Mother as she radiates bliss  and lightness in her wholeness; in her self-pleasure. 

She wears a red bindi, representing honor, love, and enlightenment. Perhaps her alter-ego is observing from behind a veil which encircles all women's hearts.



ACRYLIC / 5' x 4' / $11,500

Enstasis – standing within one’s Self - is my definition of Yoga. My work is largely defined through inspirations gathered in my research of yogic history. Sanatana Dharma is a concept rooted in humanity’s first declaration of the soul’s longing for Source. 'Truth is one, paths are many.' Enstasis is a piece comprised of seven paintings. The original canvas background consists of my favorite ancient Sanskrit and modern Christian prayers. From there, images of chakras emerged, rising to the form of Nataraja – the Lord of the Cosmic Dance. Feminine abstracts of Shakti, then that of Samadhi – the Bliss State, came forth, finally followed by the face of the Buddha. The Buddha represents compassion and reminds us of our highest Self, our potential and innate holiness. A portion of proceeds benefit Blooming Life Yoga's Torchbearer of Tradition, the country's first yoga teacher training program for teenagers. 


mixed media / 3 x 3' / $5500
archival fine art pigment print / 20" x 20" image / $280 / larger or smaller size upon request

2' x 4' / acrylic & organics / $6000

These simple lines are ancient and represent one of the first images of Buddha. He, along with Christ, Krishna, and other gurus - our teachers - represent the capacity of Divinity that we, ourselves, are capable of remembering, revealing, and sharing. The chakras are energy centers that have many names in many cultures. Here, they are seen in their traditional colors along with their Sanskrit representations of 'seed sounds'. Mirror Within is a living piece of work. What a camera can not capture is the many textures, iridescent colors and gold leaf which play with sunlight. Mirror Within reminds one of their true potential to be balanced, beautiful, and still.



3' x 3' / acrylic / $3500


As it was in the beginning,
I say:
Here is your sacrament -
Take.  Eat.  This is my body, 
this real milk, thin, sweet, bluish,
which I give for the life of the world.
Like sap to spring it rises
even before the first faint cry is heard,
an honest nourishment
alone able to sustain you.

- Robin Morgan, "Network of the Imaginary Mother"


2' X 4' / ACRYLIC & ORGANICS $6000

East meets West in this piece that harkens to chakras, the rising of Kundalini energy, and the interwoven heart-elements of the Vedic and Native American cultures. Feathers found on the banks of Indiana ponds to the heights of Peruvian cliffs are included, as well as the offering of peacock feathers said to be favored by Lord Shiva. Elements also include redwood cones from Monterey Bay's Moon Tree. The Moon Tree was a cone when it went to the moon and back, then grew into a beautiful symbol of strength and resilience. I picked them up the day we said farewell to my beloved grandmother in the Bay. Bright red yarn was found at an obscure holy site in Peru. After ceremony, I spotted the yarn and immediately knew that I must include it in my art. It was blessed by the elder Jorge Luis Delgado. 


"Rise of the Condor"
1' x 3' / acrylic & organics $2000

Inspired from both the Vedic and Incan tradition. The snake is a symbol for knowledge and wisdom-with-awareness. The snake also symbolizes our 'shadow self'. It takes great strength to lean into and claim this side of our self so we can understand the height of our Magnificence. The feathers were found at Machu Picchu and the bright red yarn was found at a holy site in the Urubamba River Valley, blessed by Jorge Luis Delgado. Redwood cones from the Moon Tree, harkening to the memory of my grandmother and her insatiable longing to travel. As the Kundalini Goddess Serpent rises from awareness of darker depths of knowledge, she turns into the Condor, merging with Divinity, one's true nature.


"Shared Path"
acrylic / 2 x 4' / $3500

Nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas, the ancient and holy city of Rishikesh thrives. This is a place that feeds my spirit and I feel at home within its vibration. I have come to know and love small alley ways, shops of silk and incense, boulders on which to sit and gaze at Mata Ganga, and familiar faces of friends and travelers who greet me with a knowing smile. This is an image which attempts to evoke the rich and supportive community of Seekers that I join on my yearly pilgrimage to Rishikesh.


"Sister (Hindu Goddess, Kali)"
acrylic / 3 x 3' / $5000
archival fine art pigment print / 20" x 20" image / $280 / larger or smaller size upon request

Kali is the Goddess of Birth and Destruction - Goddess of Time- who blesses us by ending our illusions of false realities which frees us from karma. Her three eyes represent past, present, the third eye also embodying astute concentration and raw power. Her tongue shows how she devoured the demon, Raktabija, who's blood created demons. Her skull necklace, comprised of the demons of ignorance, represents infinite knowledge. Her nudity shows freedom from illusions as well as holistic transparency. Kali holds a sword of higher knowledge which severs that which binds, her bowl is of purity and protection, and she holds the head of false consciousness.

My child, you need not know much in order to please Me. Only Love Me dearly. Speak to me, as you would talk to your mother, if she had taken you in her arms.


3' x 4' / acrylic / $7200

In yoga, Shiva is not seen as a God, but as the first yogi, Adiyogi, and the first Guru, the Adi Guru. There is no culture that did not benefit from Adiyogi’s science of yoga. Yoga went everywhere – not as a religion, belief system, or philosophy, but as methods. Over a period of time, there have been distortions, but still, unknowingly, millions of people across the planet are doing some yogic practice. This is the only thing in the history of humanity that has lived for so long without ever being forced upon people.      ~Sadhguru

In other traditions, Shiva is an ancient face that represents one God, seen for the first time in art 4,000 BCE in the Indus-Sarasvati Civilization.  Today, He is a part of Tri-murti, the trinity that comprises God in the form of destruction, ridding what no loner serves us.  Om Namah Shivaya.

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