KIND = often a yucky four letter word


There are two energies in the world. Love + Fear.


In Yoga, the term ahimsa is a cardinal virtue that many major philosophies and religions share.  The elementary meaning of ahimsa is literally harmlessness. Actually, ahimsa is about the intent; the energy of Love; not the action itself.


A synonym of ahimsa is the term kind, which can be a dangerous, manipulative, 4-letter word if it’s acted from the energy of Fear. However, kindness can be a change-agent if it’s energy is Love; the energy of Authentic Truth.


Love and Truth require this: You must be willing to own your own shit. Sounds spiritual, right?


Love and Truth require this: You must respect yourself first and not compromise on your own Truth. This gives respect to those around you.


Kindness is a word that I’ve never before seen so abused, because people use kindness as an excuse to lie.


I’ve stopped communicating with the whoa-is-me woman, even though she is in a deep, dark struggle. I won’t ever change her. I love her but I don’t like her, so I can’t serve her through obligation. I’ve chosen not to be in her life.

I’ve stopped communicating with a man who is obsessed maintaining the perfect family façade, yet cheats on his wife with any woman who blinks at him. “Not telling her is the kind thing to do. She doesn’t need to be hurt.” In the name of God he is kind; a kindness rooted in Fear. That’s perversion.

A friend has been cooking for her huge extended family every Saturday for thirty years, can you imagine? The duty wears her to her bones. She doesn’t ask for help but craves it. Week after week, year after year she puts on her smile and dies inside. She doesn’t want to burden anyone with change.


It takes a heck of a lot of strength to be honest; to be real; to be willing to change EVERYTHING in your life because living a lie is worse than death. It takes a heck of a lot of courage to stand in the Truth-of-who-you-are and not compromise nor apologize for doing so. Truth is the heart of kindness.


“I love you so much that I must tell you what I really think because I don’t want to see us break.”


“I love you so much that I must tell you what I really think because, though I’m afraid to hurt your feelings, I’ve been living a lie and we both deserve the choice of freedom if my truth doesn’t match your truth.”


When my mother told me she was gay, she asked me if my brother and sister would still love her. She risked her EVERYTHING to stand in her truth and respected us enough to share the longings in her heart.


You must be Kind-in-Love to yourself first. You begin by feeling the friction of dis-ease, which is caused by your heart not mirroring your outside world. Kind-in-Fear is spiritual bypassing, which often points fingers at specific cultural and religious dogmas in order to give yourself permission to placate your own agenda without changing.


Since change is the only thing that the Universe guarantees, I encourage you to strip down naked, and dive in deep. The Truth shall set you free to love and be loved authentically. The spiritual journey is about being genuine and having boundaries. Kindness blooms when you honor your heart-space first, not motivated by Fear but by Love rooted in self-respect.


Who am I?

I don’t know.

But I know my Truth. 

It’s Awakened.

I feel it quiver in my belly;

In my bones.


My shit is my fertilizer

And mine alone.

Its where Truth and Strength

are born.

It’s the cradle of empathy because

It’s where I scrape my knees.

It’s where my unworthiness was first 

Recognized, then held

And washed clean with tears.


My fertilizer is holy

my foundation of perfection

where I learned to stand again and again;

and again;

Where learned to speak,

First through screaming 

Then communication through the poetry of 

An aligned life.


All experiences have led me to this moment.

This shit is mine alone, and I don’t want yours.

Who am I?

I am Divinity unfolding.

I am Truth, Baby, in all of its colors.

My feet are rooted in the dark depths of who I am.


I choose to stand tall in this world.

What you see is what you get.

I like this simplicity.


It’s kind.

Lily Kessler