They tried to kill you



They took your face away

With stones and hammers

Fire and bullets


They changed your name from Powerful

To Old

Ugly and

Bad Tempered


They burned you alive

Again and again and again and again

Because of your sensuality

Your ability to voice your opinion

Your beauty

You’re refusing to be possessed

By the dogma of a unsophisticated mind


You, who listens to the wind

You, who smells the rain

You, who tastes the green

Having always recognized yourself within its


Claiming your Enstasis

Standing in the center of your Wholeness

Unity with other realms beyond



Ah, your sharp mind doesn’t tolerate fools






You know your Intuition is your greatest Wealth

Your inherent Strength

Not to be compromised

As a puppet of others who feel lack


The Virago

Female Warrior

Full Moon

Wisdom Center



They try to call you weak and unworthy 


Your hair becomes white

Your hands become skilled

And compassion grows in your heart


They try to make you a cannibal

Woman against Woman

Nails scratching faces

Clipping the wings of

Others who dance to their own heartbeat

The last one standing

Alone and hungry

Like them


They try to silence your communion with your

Holy Blood

Where you were once fed honey 

In the Red Tent of Rest


Condemned to Ritual Impurity Laws

Yet even with this knife in your back

Fertile blood still runs down your legs

Nourishing your footsteps


Ah, in the still of the night

I smile as I see you enter the temple to

offer yourself on the lingam

to be prayed over

unaware by the priests

in the morning ritual


Women unite take back the night



You are the Radiant Full Moon

Wise Crone

You lay the seeds for your daughters to dance

Among wildflowers

Reminding them of their holy wildness

That is to be held forever sacred 

And joyous




You are the Lover that shifts with the winds

Dancing with Life-yet-to-explore

Not stagnating under swallowed oppression

Cursing your dried breasts

Or filling them with plastic


Nor are you drinking the Poison of Doubt

Questioning your worth as your smile lines glow

You bury loved ones

And your hair becomes the color of starlight




You are the Virago

The Powerful

The Goddess

The Baba Yaga

The Eve

The Formidable

who’s very nature is Knowledge


You are the most valuable asset of

Our human race

Crone, You


The older you become the brighter you shine

Coaxing sap from roots


Energizing Nymph

Nourishing Tide





A woman who knows herself is dangerous

In the minds of the Scared 

Who can’t stand their own reflection

Their own Magnificence

By the Light of Her Glow


You who can change and love yourself

Can change the world into a new creation

Not to be recognized

But direly needed


You give birth

Through the fertile soil of your experiences

Through your triumphs and sorrows

Through your discernment

Nourishing life with your tears of joy 

And anguish

And awe of it All




You are the Full Moon not the wane

Remember who you are, Diana

Leader of the Great Hunt

With wild hounds at your heels passionately

Enraptured by your intrinsic freedom

Your uninhibited heart


May you be blessed to grow old

May you carve space for age to settle in your


May you look another woman in the eye and

remind her she is beautiful


May you know the fleetingness

And importance of a life well lived

Comfortable in your own skin

Which is the Truth of Beauty


Remember Crone

The night is your playground

To ignite your fire

Lily Kessler