Infuse BodyAwake™ Yoga in your practice.

BodyAwake™ Yoga Teacher Training is a holistic ONLINE Yoga Training course brought to you by the Morter Institute and Blooming Life Yoga.

Become more than the asana. Yoga is not about enlightenment. It is about EMBODIMENT.
— Dr. Sue Morter
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BodyAwake™ Yoga infuses The Energy Codes® principles and practices with ancient yogic philosophy, creating a powerful practice that helps to dissolve the illusion of the protective personality and allow for the true expression of the essential self to shine through.

Using conscious embodiment practices, breathwork and meditation, BodyAwake™ Yoga helps students learn to tap into the energetic fields of their body while performing traditional yoga asanas and techniques.

During a traditional yoga practice, sacred geometry is created in the body by performing various asanas or physical postures. The asanas align the physical body with the natural energies of the Universe, creating a flow that allows for improved physical, mental and emotional healing. When The Energy Codes® embodiment practices and techniques are paired with this traditional yoga practice, it results in a powerful and transformative journey of conscious integration of body, mind, and spirit.


Learn the principles and practices of the BodyAwake™system of movement, breathwork and yoga through a series of DVD’s or digital downloads offering at home practice and techniques. This year-long training consists of nine online modules teaching traditional yogic philosophy and incorporating The Energy Codes coursework. 



We are honored to offer BodyAwake Yoga Teacher Training. This online program will guide you in learning, embodying, and understanding traditional yogic concepts in relationship to today’s world. The program is structured to integrate ancient philosophies of yoga and Dr. Sue Morter’s The Energy Codes®, a system of techniques for conscious embodiment that will be utilized during the yoga training.  

BodyAwake Yoga Teacher Training integrates the physical, philosophical, and spiritual practices of yoga within your daily life. On this journey, you will be guided through breath-work, postures, meditation, and philosophy. Additionally, you will learn how to structure and teach a yoga class, as well as how to do and how to teach the details of each posture. This will establish a foundation for incorporating BodyAwake Yoga Teacher Trainings teachings while providing the tools and means necessary for you to deepen your personal practice and bring this knowledge into your community.

We understand that every person approaches yoga uniquely. Regardless of background and experience, or your intention to utilize this work either personally or professionally, you have the opportunity to explore your Authentic Self. With deep dedication and playful self-inquiry, you honor the Practice by being a living torchbearer of this timeless yogic tradition.


Dr. Sue and Lily


How does it work? Upon registration you will become a member of BodyAwake Yoga. You will receive a username/passcode to access the online videos with Dr. Sue and Lily Kessler, with additional resources to support you. In the mail you will receive a box of books including an anatomy DVD and the BodyAwake Manual that work in tandem with the online videos.

What do I turn in for credit? You will be supported with additional information, yet upon completion of each module you will turn in a 2-5 page reflection for Lily to review. Questions are clearly provided within the BodyAwake manual. She will answer any questions, provide suggestions, and will support you every step of the way.

I already am a yoga teacher. Will I benefit? Absolutely YES. The historical Vedic and Universal components of the information is unprecedented. Not only will you learn the evolution of the yoga tradition and the WHY behind it, you will learn fundamental concepts within The Energy Codes®, expanding your understanding and knowledge base where your personal practice benefits on the mat and off. This will enhance your teaching gifts.

I am new to yoga. Is this program for me? Absolutely YES. There is great power in a beginners mind, and your willingness to step into this new adventure will empower you to claim leadership roles in other ways.

I have physical limitations. Can I still join the program? Absolutely YES. Clearly, we are all about the YES! We have people of all ages and abilities in the program and they are redefining how yoga is lived in manners that work for their unique lives, circumstances, and bodies. You will be supported to define a yoga flow/class that supports you where you are at.

Is this program certified by Yoga Alliance? BodyAwake Yoga is a certified school with Yoga Alliance yet due to the online nature of this program is is not recognized. However, you will receive a certificate of completion that may be honored by many yoga studios around the country regardless of a Yoga Alliance stamp of approval.

How can I receive my Yoga Alliance certificate? This online program it is an official component of our school. Upon registration, not only will you be taught the components of a traditional program, your future participation in The Energy Codes® coursework will apply hours toward your 200-hour certification due to the in-person nature of the training.



9 supported modules

Module 1 - THE GREAT EMBODIMENT: Asana, Pranayama, Sacred Space
Module 2 - THE ROOTS OF YOGA: Potential of Self
Module 3 - THE WORLD IS A SAMKHYA STAGE: Perception & Reality
Module 4 - UPANISHADS: Union of the Seeker & the Sought
Module 5 - BHAKTI: Claiming Your Story & Leaning Into the Void
Module 6 - BUDDHISM: Dancing Along the Middle Path
Module 7 - CLASSICAL YOGA: Sacred Sutras, Sacred Promises
Module 8 - TANTRIC LAYERS OF THE SELF: Hip, Holy, & Huge
Module 9 - THE ARRIVAL: Hatha Yoga, Modern Asana, New Interpretations
Retreat Week - INTO THE GREAT WIDE OPEN: Nourishing A Wall-less Community


2019 Retreat (November 18-22, 2019)

in Indianapolis, Location TBA

50 hours toward your Yoga Alliance Certificate


All yoga is good yoga, however pairing intentional breathwork with yoga generates a more profound practice that enhances the benefits of the physical practice tremendously by bridging the gap between consciousness, mindfulness, meditation, breath work, movement, and true embodiment. It’s not just about learning the asana – but rather learning to become the energy that flows through the physical body, thereby using yoga to awaken to the true and essential self. A regular practice provides essential support for that awakening, and is the inspiration behind why I created the BodyAwake™ Yoga.
— Dr. Sue Morter



Dr. Sue’s interest in yoga is profoundly interwoven into every aspect of her work in the world. The fundamental components of The Energy Codes® Coursework reveal contemporary expressions of the ancient and foundational Yogic principles themselves. In this course, Dr. Sue is inspired to bring a deeper conversation to the details that comprise the uniqueness of her approach to personal development and transformation. Within this course she will offer a detailed tour of the interior experience of consciousness during asana practice. Putting the body into the sacred geometrical positions that comprise the yoga practice generates the perfect opportunity for energy to flow in the patterns that awaken us to our true magnificence. Dr. Sue guides us through that process one detail at a time within each module. Life is yoga, on and off the mat. BodyAwake Yoga Teacher Training brings consciousness to that as we set our lives into motion with a deeper look how Heaven on Earth moves in the world. Morter Institute is completely devoted to bridging ancient spiritual wisdom with modern western science and the beauty of the infinite human potential.

Dr. Sue is author of The Energy Codes, The 7-Step System to Awaken Your Spirit, Heal Your Body, and Live Your Best Life, a best selling book with Simon & Schuster.


Christine Lily Kessler is founder of Blooming Life Yoga Studio + School and is a master trainer for The Energy Codes®. She is fascinated by the facets of the ancient, living Yoga Lineage. She sees how this vast Lineage supports authentic manifestation of each person’s potential. It is Lily’s life’s calling to make Yoga’s vast and tangled roots accessible and recognizable in everyday life. She has founded and is lead teacher for Blooming Life's 200-hour and 300-hour advanced yoga trainings. Lily's studies and travels with Dr. Sue Morter. She has created a robust training manual based on Vedic and universal principles that examine the historical evolution of yoga and offers techniques to support the inquiry of the Self with empowering concepts, perspectives, and tools for use in daily living. All of these concepts are explored through the lens of The Energy Codes®. Lily teaches globally in yoga schools, online, and locally.

Lily is author of The Story & Art of Living Yoga: Humanity’s Quest for Nourishment.