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There’s this hunger in people’s souls to wonder about things and to think that things are possible outside the scope of our immediate imagination. And I think there is medicine in that.
— Karyn Schwartz


Welcome to Nourished Heart, based on personalized, intuitive advice, and care for women in an intimate, healing setting. These sessions explore your blind spots and tune into profound levels of physical and mental awareness to awaken your Magnificence.

Be willing to explore your deeper territories. We'll talk about topics that are important. What is attachment? What is a story? How do you let it go? And tools that I have explored that work. 

Learn self-care techniques to support the Conversation such as breath techniques and meditation. Receive Reiki on a infrared Amethyst BioMat. You may be open to receive a personalized yoga ritual, and blessings from heritages that are dear to my heart.

In our affirming work together you will learn to better understand how to prioritize self-care and new perspectives in your daily living, empowering and supporting emotional and physical ease. Books may be recommended along with other delights to support you.

Welcoming all faiths; honoring all hearts.

Please contact Lily directly to see if this experience is right for you then a session may be scheduled. lily@bloominglifeyoga.com

75 minutes: $108 per session